How Can You Determine the Motherboard Issues of your PC?

  • Computers function at a much slower rate and create heat.
  • The Computer has died totally.
  • While in use, your Computer may freeze or shut down unexpectedly.
  • The Computer screen dims.
  • There is no light activity when the power button is pressed.
  • Computer screen distortion or discoloration

Oftentimes, small faults with a motherboard may be repaired and your Computer will resume normal operation. Computer Repair Bhandup at Home service provides Computer motherboard repair services. Computer Repair Bhandup service provider thoroughly inspects a motherboard for any faults and recommends the best viable remedy. Following a thorough examination of your Computer's motherboard by our professional, we will assess if it can be fixed or whether it has to be replaced.

We have been providing quality Doorstep Computer Repair Bhandup services in Bhandup for years.

We offer a range of Computer repair services at our clients' homes. We repair and replace Computer screens, keyboards, and batteries, as well as other computer system components.

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Computer Repairs and Services

Formatting and Anti Virus

Formatting of your machine with antivirus and data restoration.

Hard drive

Avail this service for all issues such as blue screens,floating pixels etc.

Data Recovery

We can recover all your valubale data and also got hard disk repairing done.

Software Installation(OS)

All type of Software/OS installations and fixes are provided.


We repair and replace all kinds of speakers or mic .

Display Problems

We will solve all display issues such as a distorted/no display and so on.

Screens Repairing

All kind of LCD and LEDS, paper screens are replaced by us.

Keyboard Mouse Trackpad

Keyboard or touchpad isn’t working we can get it repaired or replaced.


We repair/replace the battery of your Computer.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We handle all types of Computers/desktops/printers AMCs.

Sales and Service

We sell all Computers Brands, Desktops both in assembled and branded category.

Motherboard Issues

We do all sorts of motherboard repair and replacement work.

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